Melaka, like other of Malaysia's cities, is home to some lively nightlife.  One spot that is popular with the younger crowd is the Geographer Café, located in Melaka's Chinatown section.  This casual nightspot serves inexpensive and unpretentious food, coffee, and drinks and is a favorite hangout for traveling backpackers from Asia, Europe, and North America.  See their website for directions and hours.

Another Melaka nighttime activity popular with visitors is a trip to the Night Market on Jonker Street.  At night this area is closed to traffic and full of all kinds of street vendors selling different types of food and merchandise.  Small shops, bars, and cafes line the street, making it a perfect place to sit and have a drink with friends while taking in all that the real Melaka has to offer.  

Karaoke is also very popular in Melaka, as it is in many other large Asian cities. Here it is common for groups of friends to get together and spend the evening at one of the city's many karaoke bars drinking and singing their hearts out.  Travelers are always welcome, either to join the festivities or just to watch!