It is well known that crossing the border into Kosovo from Albania and Macedonia, it's not a problem.

But what if you want to pass the border from Kosovo into Serbia ? Some say you cannot...Sorry to contradict them...First, there is no border between Kosovo ( or Kosova, as the official name of the country sounds ) and Serbia, because the Serb do not recognize Kosovo as independent republic.

Well, there are 2 possibilities :

* if your passport is not stamped by the border officer of Kosovo, you can try ( and it will work ! ) to pass the border into Serbia.

* if your passport is stamped, show only your ID...and it wil work, too.

Why ? Because recognition of Independent Kosovo, is one of the requirements of EU, if Serbia wants to join EU. Anyway, the police will say ' Kosovo problem' , but act as if you do not understand them, even if you and the police use the same international language : English ( U.K. ) or English ( U.S. ). Finally, they will let you pass. There is no customs officer, only police...Serbian police.


Have plan B ready : ask them as long you are coming from Serbia ( read : Kosova ), why do they think going further into Serbia is a problem ??  If they say you are illegal, tell them you crossed a Serbian ( read : Kosova ) border,'re not at all illegal - you have no stamp in your passport from the Kosova border and/or show only your ID card.

This was the case at the border between Kosova en Serbia, on the way Mitrovica - Zubin Potok - and further up to the border ( july 2015 ).