Only in Gramado you'll get to see big blue hydrangeas everywhere, not only in private gardens but in streets and also in the highway that links Gramado and Nova Petrópolis. This flower is the symbol of Gramado and the whole region. The local Town Hall encourages hydrangea-growing and those who cut their flowers in public places are fined. Oscar Knorr, one of the most famous inhabitants in town, brought the idea of hydrangea growing from Europe. He wanted to make his own garden a nicer place for his wife, who was disabled. An interesting fact about hydrangeas is that they change their color according to the Ph of the soil. Hydrangeas grow pink in alkaline soils and blue in acid soils. Southern Brazil's acid soils and wet conditions are perfect for these plants. Apart from that, they match beautifully with local flora, especially with Paraná pines.