Day 1 : Arrive at Kota Kinabalu. Check in your hotel. Arrange to collect the Hire car late in the day or get the time to start from the end of the day.

If you have half a day to spare, then taxi to Jesselton harbour or Sutera Harbour. Get your boat trip ticket to the island from the jetty. It is MYR45-50 for return to Tunku Abdul Rahman Island Park. Remember boats return at 4pm and many days the afternoon rain starts at 3-4.

A few hours to spare - a great introduction to Borneo is the Green connection, 10 min by taxi from the centre of KK.

At night after dinner, try the Philipino market in Kampong Ayer for Sabah pearls and other handicrafts.

Try to arrange to be at a market on a Sunday. Gaya Street KK on a Sunday has a open market where you can get local stuff. Kota Belud, Ranau and Tuaran have more authentic markets if you are in the area.

Day 2 : You can either go to any of the other attractions close to KK or travel up to Mount Kinabalu. It will take about 1.5 hours drive to Mt Kinabalu Park. If you arrive by noon at Mt Kinabalu Park, you will have enough time to drive to Poring hot springs. From Mt Kinabalu park to hot springs is about an hour. Pick your choice of pool at the hot springs. After hot springs, drive back to your hotel in the towns of Ranau or Kundasang and enjoy a steamboat dinner.

 Mount Kinabalu from Kundasang

Day 3 : Wake up early to get a view of the Mt Kiinabalu peak. Then, explore Mt Kinabalu Park at leisure. Drive back to Kota Kinabalu. You can go clubbing at night.

Day 4 : If you are adventurous, drive to Tip of Borneo about 3h.  Superb beaches, snorkelling, scenery with lots of villages to stop at on the way.  You can also drive to Kudat from Tip of Borneo.  However Kudat best attraction is a hotel to recover from exciting adventures.  From Kudat to Kota Kinabalu, it will take about 3 hours.

Day 5 : Leisurely breakfast then drive from Kudat to Kota Kinabalu, about 3 hours.  Stop at Kota belud for the Market or do any of the other attractions close to KK.