Kuantan is the capital of Pahang, in Malaysia, and its town fathers are devoted to making it a "progressive, beautiful, clean, and organized development center." This is reflected in its public transportation, including Kuantan Airport (also known as Great Circle Airport), and Kuantan Seaport. Its efforts are such that the city  has won itself several national awards.  

Taxis serve Kuantan Airport and will haul you to your hotel, or any of Kuantan's attractions. While taxis are metered, the drivers may arbitrarily add charges for traffic congestion, rain, or a headache (you get the idea). Be sure to confirm the fare before you hop inside, no matter how heavy your luggage is. Many visitors opt to book bus tours around Malaysia, which usually include one or two days in Kuantan. If that's not your style, or you want to spend more time in Kuantan, several bus lines serve the city from one terminal in the center of town and will get you all or most of Kuantan's area attractions. The buses come in various sizes and conditions.

The Rapin Kuantan bus system is quite new but is currently operating from 2 seperate terminals (but both listed as Hentian Bandar on the bus routes and on buses headed for the terminals). As of April 2014 Routes  100, 101, 102, 200, 300, 302, 303 and 600 leave near the Stadium while Routes 201, 301, 400, 401 and 500 leave from behing the main market area. Route 200 goes to Teluk Cempedak and 201 to Taman Gelora. The 2 areas are about 300 metres apart with no clear sign posting as to which buses each area serves.

The company does not have a web site with route maps (the routes do not intersect) but has a Facebook page only with very limited information in Bahasa Malay only. The route maps are displayed on the monitors inside the buses but not for long enough to make them out.

The new Kuantan Sentral Bus station is quite a way out of the city centre and taxis ask a flat 20 Rm each way. There is a Taxi Counter at the bus station wit prices to different areas listed. A taxi driver explained that the area is prone to flooding, mainly the lower levels where cars park and buses arrive and depart.

Traffic congestion is a problem in Kuantan and the cities of Malaysia. Often, multi-lane highways merge into two-lane city traffic in the center of town (explains the taxi driver's headache). Road conditions, themselves are decent, though, as the country's roads are pretty well maintained. 

The country of Malaysia has a rail system but it does not enter Kuantan.