Langkawi's rainforest

Langkawi's landscape offers many opportunities for the visitors to explore and experience as one of the daily things to do when you are there. One such activity is trekking through the Gunung Raya rainforest or trekking up and then down the Gunung Mat Cincang instead of taking the cable car.There are flexible soft trekking tours of two to three hours depending on your capabilities.The Gunung Raya rainforest soft trekking is suitable for most ages and it is not so steep or hilly while the Mat Cincang trekk can be quite challenging if you are not up to it.

The Gunung Raya rainforest offers another possibility for those wanting to do their own thing.Get to the foot of Gunung Raya by taxi or better a rented motorbike or car to the Lubok Semilang Recreational Park.Leave your rented vehicle at the entrance and take a 5 to 10 minutes walk inside towards an area where you see numbered steps.If you are not sure where it is ask the locals for this place where  it's called "Tangga Seribu Kenangan" - it means "Steps of a thousand memories". This place is very easy to find.There are 4,287 steps that will lead you to 'almost' to the top of the mountain.Gunung Raya is only about 860 meters high.The highest point when you complete your steps climbing up is about 787 meters above sea level.The distance is about 3.1 km from the foot to the top of the steps.A normal healthy person can complete this steps in about 2 hours 15 minutes.But you have all the time in the world to do this because you're not competing in any eco tourism competition.For those who need a qualified guide for the soft trekking activities at Gunung Raya or Mat Cincang can contact a local cycling sports adventure company that can tailor the trekking to your liking.There are tours that can combine  nature cycling and part soft trekking or purely soft trekking.They can also provide a guide if you need one to climb the 4,287 steps up and then down .