Quotation - General wedding documentation procedures:  



-          Oath taking / signing ceremony will be done in the registration office.



-          Option – special request for the oath taking / signing ceremony can be done in the hotel with additional amount for the registrar to conduct the ceremony.



1.         A minimum stay is no longer required for the intending couple. However, for those staying less than a month in Malaysia, you need to obtain special approval from the Chief Minister Department. 

2.         Therefore, we would like to recommend a minimum stay of 5—7 nights in any destination to ensure sufficient time to complete all documentations and bureaucratic procedures in Langkawi. 

3.         Once all documentations are complete for the intending couple, the wedding can be solemnized in the same week or in any week you choose.






Documentation you should prepare beforehand:                                                                   

§  Photocopies of both parties’ birth certificates                                                                         



§  Photocopies of Passport for both parties   



§  Two (2)  latest photographs each (32mm x 38mm)                                               



§  If either one or both is a divorcee, proof from Decree Absolute is required.    



§  If either one or both is a widow, please submit a photocopy of death certificate.



§  If there was a change of name by Deed Pool – please provide proof.                 



§  Both parties need a statutory declaration stating their marital status stamped and signed by an endorsed solicitor.          

§  (For Australian Only) A single status obtained from local registry to certify that you have never been married, which you will be issued a certificate of "No Record" is required and this particular document has to be stamped at the Malaysian Embassy Office

§  (For Australian Only) if you are a divorcee, please produce your divorce paper to be stamped at either the Commonwealth office or the Malaysian Embassy.

§  Two (2) witnesses are required for the solemnization of the wedding, if the bride or the groom prefers to have their friends or relatives as their witnesses, please submit their passport details to us; nonetheless our wedding specialist can arrange it locally.                                                                                                                                                             

Service Includes:



§  Registration fee  in Langkawi, High Commission Department and Ministry Foreign Affair in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia                        

§  Government stamping fee in Langkawi and Ministry Foreign Affair in Kuala Lumpur  

§  Transportation on Oath-taking day                                                                                            



§  Transportation on wedding registration day                                                                           



§  Wedding certificate translation fee



§  Transportation cost to Kuala Lumpur for endorsement at High Commission and Ministry Foreign Affair Department



§  Consultation Fee - before and after during the emailing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Important Notes:



§  All document must be translated to English



§  All document (unless stated otherwise) for processing must be in original copy and must be couriered to us (for safety reason)



§  Both parties are required to bring along the photocopies of all documents.



§  The documents must be available when the wedding couple is performing oath taking and registration.

For more info please email langkawiwedding@gmail.com.