What to expect from the area. "Planning has been restricted to ensure Kemer remains a small, pleasant resort." This is a quote from a webpage visited to find out more. Actually Kemer is a large bustling town with many hotels encroaching down onto the beach leaving a small strip about 1 meter in width of no-mans land between them and the 4m of pebbly beach that is dominated by sunbeds, hotel owned cafes, with enough room betwen them to just about squeeze past. There is a large Marina with no access to the public for security reasons, and another strip of beach that is again dominated by row after row of sunbeds. All other parts of the beach look empty and unspoilt. The reason for this being that the rest is owned by Club Med or one other of the large holiday companies that do not allow public access.

In other words if you want a quiet, laidback, holiday with some sleepy locals selling you freshly caught fish, with a beach that you can just turn up on and be the only occupant other than a few discreeet sunbathers.... and some turtles, then Kemer is not for you. Go to a Greek Island, or hire yourself a car and go down the coast to Phaselis and that is what you will find. Or even better yet check out the local village of Cirali located just 30 minutes south from Kemer. Here is where you will find a peaceful family holiday with all the right ingredients. Visit the Cirali overview pages for more info;


If you are on the other hand a holiday maker that wants to Kareoki all night, then pay to lie on a sunbed 50cms away from a stranger each way all day and listen to loud music............then go ahead and book. IT IS A LARGE VERY BUSY TOWN.