Ubud is located in the central uplands area of Bali.  The population of Ubud Subdistrict (a local government area with the administrative center in Ubud town) is a bit over 60,000 persons, with roughly half that number living in or around the town of Ubud. 

The town itself is quite small:  the main street, Jalan Raya Ubud, runs east-west for about one kilometer with the market and palace in the middle; two main shopping streets, Jalan Monkey Forest and Jalan Hanoman, run south of the main street down to the monkey forest.  (FYI, Jl. Hanoman is one-way south, and Jl. Monkey Forest is one-way north.)  There is no public transportation system, but the small area makes it fairly easy to navigate by foot.

The only buses in downtown Ubud are tour buses, and while they are good for retailers they can instantly jam traffic in all directions when they stop to let off or board passengers. 

All of the larger hotels (and many small ones) surrounding Ubud will have a shuttle service to/from central Ubud, sometimes included in the cost of your stay or sometimes for an extra charge.  If you end up depending on these services, you might find that a tip for the driver will ensure you get dropped off and picked up when and where you want.  

Cars with drivers are available everywhere – it is hard to walk more than 50 feet in Ubud without being offered transport services.  Ubud has become increasingly congested over the past couple of years, and traffic during the high season of July and August can make walking through town a much more efficient option!

Mopeds, scooters and push-bikes are readily available for rent, and these can be a nice way to spend an afternoon exploring the neighborhoods.  They’re also easy to park!

For more information on hiring transport, see Ubud: Taxis and Rental Cars.