Kuta is a nice place, the weather is hot and warm. Kuta’s year around great weather makes it the perfect setting for numerous festivals and other special events. The annual Kuta Karnival is held each year at the start of summer, and coincides with the national school holiday. This fairly new festival dates back to 2003 and was started in response to the terrorist bombings. Dubbed “A Celebration of Life,” the festival is to help better understanding of cultures and to strive towards peace and safety in the region. For information contact via e-mail at: Kumimpi@yahoo.com.sg

During the summertime in June and July you can also take in the Bali Art Festival, which is a month long celebration of art, that includes modern, contemporary and traditional. This also includes numerous musical performances, dance and other activities that evoke the culture and art of Bali.

There are several religious and cultural events throughout the calendar year as well, and among the most important of these is the Galugan Festival, which takes in October. This holiday symbolizes the victory of good and virtue over evil. Balinese families visit their days and while a sacred day is one of great spirituality.

While the weather is a bit cooler in the late fall in Kuta, the sounds are smoking hot at the Bali Jazz Festival, an annual three-day event that attracts jazz lovers and performers from around the world.