Siem Reap is a very small and walkable city. Many attractions at the city center can be walked to.

Angkor Wat is too far to walk so you can take a taxi, moto bike or tuk tuk,  (trailer attached to a motor bike). You can rent one for the whole day with driver for $15-20  U.S. dollars.  This is well worth the money and is very reasonable considering the tuk tuk driver will spend the entire day driving you around and will often provide you with a steady supply of cold bottled water. Competition for tuk tuk drivers is fierce- there is an oversupply, so dont try and haggle them down. This is their liveihood and for many tuk tuk drivers who cant afford to buy their own tuk tuk, they have to pay a daily rental fee to the tuk tuk owner, even if they fail to secure a fare for the day.   Since the roads are dusty around Angor Wat, you may wish to rent a car with a driver (around 25 usd/day).  Tuk Tuks are great for short distances, or a ride around the town; however, after walking around the temples in the heat of the day, a nice air conditioned car is wonderful with a cold bottle of water in hand and a cool towel on your forehead. 

 Tuk tuks are also a more authentic way to experience the Angkor area. You get to feel so much closer to the landscape and the people and take fabulous action photos that are not impeded by car windows etc.

Guides and drivers can be found on the Siem Reap Guides page.

Another excellent way to get around is by electric or pedal bicycle, which you can rent for $2-$4 a day.

There are new  electric carts seating 10 people, as well as horse carriages and even elephant rides to Angkor Thom, if you want something really memorable.

For those who are rich enough; you can even charter a helicopter (around  $1000 per hour).  If you want a cheaper flying experience you can get 11 minute helicopter flights for $74 per person or booking a ticket of the real hot air balloon at night market for $125 (for 40 mins)per person or a tethered balloon for $15 for 10 mins.

Keen on cycling? Bike rentals are available but if you're planning a journey to Angkor Wat bear in mind that the weather is extrmely hot and sticky - and that getting to Angkor is only the start of your temple journey. A good idea is to hire a tuk-tuk on day one of your pass and think about cycling before you commit. 

Cycling in Cambodia