More and more people are talking about Croatia, especially recently since travelling to it is becoming easier each and every day. With more visitors, never was it more important to discover its hidden gems a bit difficult to find, yet worth searching for.

So, let's start revealing, and share the knowledge.

For all of you fond of mountains and hiking, there is a hidden jewel in Gorski kotar area - Bijele i Samarske stijene (White and Pack-Saddle Rocks). The mountains are characterized by white-limestone rocky mountain ridges broken into many smaller rocky clusters or isolated rocks that stand out the surrounding woods. The limestone rocky formations are the most famous feature of the mountains; for nowhere in Croatian carst has limestone been so deformed and formed by water, snow, and other forces. Bijele and Samarske stijene hold the status od Strictly Protected Natural Reserve which is the highest conservation status, even higher than national park. This means no human intervention is allowed here more than existing one.

Another hidden gem is natural reserve Zeleni Vir (the Green Whirlpool) and canyon Vrazji Prolaz (Devils' Pass). Hidden in local woods, the natural reserve is considered, by many, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Croatian mountains. The untouched nature and the sights positioned in stone and deep woods really make you experience in awe the forces an power of nature. The visit itself is not only a pleasant hike, but a really transforming experience.

Coastal and continental zones meet in Risnjak national park, just off the main road and 15 km from the coast. Visit to enjoy diverse flora during crispy summers, and do not miss the fabulous view! 

All this is just one hour away from Zagreb, and also very close to the coast, and can be easily implemented in any itinerary.