Here are some common Bulgarian words and phrases so that you could get an idea how this language "look like".

Remember one thing before you begin reading below:  the Bulgarian language belongs to the Slavonic family of languages and uses the Cyrillic alphabet. In order to keep things simple this tutorial will use the Latin letters to write the words.

Here it goes ( the stress falls on the fat letters):






 [z d r a v e i]


 A familiar form of saying hello to one person.

 Zdraveyte!  [z d r a v e i t e]  Hello! A familiar form of saying hello to many to a group of people or a formal way (the polite form) to greet someone you don't know or treat with respectful distance.
  Dobar den!   [d o b a r d e n] Good morning!
  Dobro utro!  [d o b r o u t r o] Good morning!
  Dobar vecher!  [d o b a r v e ts e r] Good evening! Pronounce vecher like Fletcher.
 Dobre.  [d o b r e] Alright. / Good. / Ok.  You use this if you agree. Or use it as an answer to the question "How are you?"
 Kak si / ste? 

 [k a k s i]

[k a k s t e] 

How are you?  Pronounce kak si like taxi. Easy. Use it towards one person. Kak ste? is the polite form toward a person and also used in the plural form (toward a group of people).

[b l a g o d a r  ya]
Thank you

liubov[l i u b o v] love 
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