Aside from the depths of winter, the climate in Sarajevo is pretty mild throughout the year. Average temperatures during the winter fall in the upper 20s to low 30s; springtime temperatures average in the low to upper 40s, summertime temperatures in the mid 60s, and autumn temperatures in the lower to upper 50s. However, daily temperatures can flux quite a bit. During the summertime, daily highs can reach the low 80s with daily lows in the mid 50s. Wintertime highs average in the low 40s and wintertime lows average in the upper 20s. Precipitation falls pretty evening across the year, with months receiving the most rain including the summer months of May and June and the autumn/winter months of October through December.

Given that temperatures can be relatively warm and moderately uncomfortable due relatively high humidity during the summer months of July and August, you may want to plan your trip to Sarajevo to fall during late Spring (prior to the heavy rains of early summer). Early autumn is another good choice, as temperatures are much milder and heavy precipitation is not much of a problem.