Coming to Peru :


Travellers from the USA and Europe, do not need a visa to enter Peru.

Some Asian Countries need visas so please check with your consulate. ( American Countries do not need a visa to enter Peru, but Mexico and all the central American countries do require tourist visas.

All international flights arrive at Jorge Chavez International airport in Lima.  A new  hotel has just open at the airport, its a Ramada Costa del Sol hotel chain.From this airport you can walk to the National section and connect to  local flights. Most flights arriving from the USA and  Europe  land around midnight, so be patient as it will take at least one or two hours to get through immigration and customs. You require  two hours  to check in for national flights.

To go through immigration and customs  you fill out forms. A section of the immigration form will be returned to you (like when entering the USA). Be sure you keep this section in a secured place, as it will be required for departure. If you happen to loose it, you will need to do extra paperwork and payment at immigration before you are allowed to leave.

You will also be required to fill in a customs declaration form. You can bring up to 3 liters of alcoholic beverages and up to 200  cigarettes.Upon entry to Lima airport, you can do your shopping at the Duty Free shop.

An International departure tax of $32 (aprox as it varies with the exchange rate) must be paid in cash $ or Peruvian Soles, no credit cards are accepted. National departure airport tax is $6 payable prior to departure at every airport.

If you are flying AA they normally include the departure tax on their tickets.(no other airline does this yet) 

Recommend a vaccine for Hepatitis A&B and typhoid before you come here. If you are going to the jungle, you are required to take a Yellow fever shot, 10 days before arrival.

If you have no arrangements with your hotel to pick you up, its recommend you get a taxi (Taxi Green) just outside the customs area. They have fix rates for the different areas in Lima and they are safe.

Do not let unknown people help you with your luggage. Many of these guys are just walking around the airport and will be the first ones to steal from you. You can take your luggage cart all the way to your taxi and leave it at the parking lot.

Do not take a cab outside the airport , they are not safe.

You can exchange some money at the airport counter to pay for your taxi or you can pay him with $ dollars. You should not pay more than $ 20 for a cab to take you anywhere in Lima.