The chief reason people come to Patagonia is immersion with nature. There are countless ways to appreciate the natural fauna, forests, volcanoes in the area.

For those who like to ski, Argentine Patagonia is ideal for skiing from mid June to late September. The skiing options range from exclusive and luxury to cheap to less populated to adventure-zoned. Popular ski resorts exist in Bariloche, San Martin de Los Andes, Esquel, Ushuaia, Cerro Chapelco.

Another fun activity unique to Patagonia is whale watching. There is nothing more miraculous than to the dorsal fin of a giant whale pop up from the lucent waters of the ocean. The whaling season spans from May to December. Puerto Madryn is the base for this activity, where travelers can find boat services that can help navigate spectators to sites where the whales like to gather and play. Other towns like Trelew, Rawson and Puerto Piramides offer this activity. Though this is unabashedly touristy, it is also refreshing and beautiful way to spend a day on the sea.

One of the most inexpensive but rewarding activities while visiting Patagonia is trekking or hiking through the natural forests and mountains of Patagoina. Travelers like to visit Cerro Alvear, Mirador de Los Lagos. Near Northern Neuguen, Tromen Volcano takes about 12 hours to hike and offers breathtaking views, though the weather can be rather harsh at times.  

Santa Cruz is also a very popular area to hike and mountain climb. For those who are experienced climbers, the peak of Fitz Roy near El Chalten is a snow-covered giant needle that attracts climbers from all over the world.

Regardless of where travelers choose to climb, they must be sure to prepare for the harsh conditions and brutal winds. Though Patagonia’s mountain tops offer ethereal panoramas and the experience of being on the top at the end of the world, they can be dangerous for those inexperienced and unprepared.