Catching a cab in Singapore is easy - you can flag an available cab along a road, board from a taxi stand or make a phone booking with one of the taxi companies. Taxi fares in Singapore are quite reasonable. Fares are charged by the taxi meter and are based on a flag down rate and the distance travelled. Flag down rates ranges from S$2.80 to S$3.20, depending on the type of taxi. Besides the basic rate, there are several surcharges.  From Midnight to 5:59AM there is a surcharge of 50%; on Monday-Friday 0600-0630 and all days between 1800 and 2400 there is a surcharge of 25%, there are flat surcharges of $2-$5 from the airport(s), in the central city area, Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, and Singapore Expo - with the surcharges sometimes varying by day/time.  "Limousines" and "Chrysler" taxis are more expensive.

 If you don’t want to wait for a cab, you can call one of the taxi companies such as Comfort (+65 6552 1111), City Cab, etc. The taxi usually takes 5-10 minutes to pick you up, and the booking fee is S$3.20 (this can vary by time). You can also make an advance booking for any specified time for an additional booking charge.

 Nowadays, many mobile taxi apps are introduced such as Grabtaxi, Comfortdelgro taxi booking apps, Easy taxi, Uber and etc.. Grabtaxi is the most popular in this region whereby it has all the registered taxi available in Singapore. It is fast and reliable especially the realtime GPS locator which tells you exactly where is the taxi which you have booked.

Typically, the only times it can be difficult to find a taxi is when it rains, in peak hours (8-9 am, 6-8 pm), and on the eve before public holidays when everybody is going out or to the airport to go on holiday. Make sure you have an advanced booking or sufficient time on your hands to wait.

Vacant taxis will have a Green light on their roof and will usually drive on the outer lane where they can stop easily to pick up a passenger. If they are busy, they either won’t stop or have an "on call" or red "Hire" sign on their roofs or displayed in their windows. If you see a sign stating a certain part of town (e.g. Hougang, Woodlands,...) it means that the driver is going to change shifts and will only pick up passengers who want to go to roughly the same direction or a destination that lies on their way. Make sure you do not try to catch a cab where the street has a double yellow line at the side - cars are not allowed to stop there.

Taking a taxi is Singapore is very safe.  The authorities will come down hard on them if they are found cheating, meaning loss of taxi licence in fine and jail term.  All taxi drivers speak English and their ethnic mother tongue language.  It is interesting time to note that taxi drivers must be above 30 years of age and married and no criminal record. 

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You are most likely to arrive in Singapore via the International Changi Airport.

The following car rental counters are located at the Arrival Halls:

Terminal 1

Terminal 2

Terminal 3

The counter operating hours are from 7.00am to 11.00pm.