When the Chinese first reached the Philippines , Palawan was one of the first places that they reached, traveling across land bridges directly in to the area.  They were the first to name the area and it has been so-named ever since, although the spelling and pronunciation have changed slightly over time (from Palau -ye to the current Palawan ).  Palawan became an area of trade for the Chinese people.

During the twelfth century, the people of Malay began moving in to the area and using it as an agricultural base for establishing a new community.  The lived relatively peacefully in the area until the beginning of the seventeenth century when the Spanish began to take control of the area.  They established missions in Palawan and began to convert the people of the area.  Roman Catholicism remains the biggest religion in the area today, although the diverse culture of the area ( http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g29... ) allows for many different religions to be practiced.

The Spanish stayed in the area until the beginning of the twentieth century.   At that time, there was a revolution and the American government took control of the area, establishing a local government there and encouraging local development.   It was then that Puerto Princesa became the area’s capital.   The area was devastated during World War II and again at the turn of the twenty first century when terrorists kidnapped area visitors.   Despite this, the area is doing well and travelers are encouraged to visit.