At the following dining venues you can get a meal and a drink for around USD $4.




Alleycats [Jl. Poppies 2. Behind 'Twice Bar']

A sample menu consists of a side salad (6.000) and chicken Korma (19.000). It gets very busy. If you are a big eater you can order the big meal. It costs 95.000 and if you finish it you get your photo on the wall. It includes- 200g tenderloin steak, 200g pork steak in basil and pepper, 2 jumbo sausages, 150g chicken breast, 2 fried eggs, smoked back bacon, fried tomato, onion rings, chips, mashed potato and gravy. It’s piled on a big oval plate and also a big bowl of onion rings and a big mug of gravy.


Bamboo Corner [Poppies lane 1. First restaurant after TJ’s as you enter from Jl Legian]

VERY cheap.  Two people can order avocado salad (whole avocado), 2 chicken satay, water, fruit lassi, soft drink for 37.000 Very plain setting but food is good. Plain, really cheap. Always busy. Large Nasi Goreng 7.000. Good for breakfast.


Enhay Café [Gg Benesari. Kuta]

Great chef salad- BBQ chicken, 1000 Island sauce 10.000) The food is so cheap and delicious. Try Chicken in the Basket ( chicken breast pieces breaded with herbs and bread crumbs) and Chicken pasta and Herb...Fish and Chips -8 pieces of fish (not those little bites either) in a basket with chips and a dish of tartar sauce.


The Treehouse [Poppies 1 (beach end). (0361) 762755]

Cheap, good food. Great for lunch. Yummy spring rolls 7.000. A garden salad, 1 pizza, 2 choc milkshakes costs 44.000.




Warung Andi Joy

Jalan Mataram No. 7 Kuta


Home style food from Surabaya - speciality Kare Ayam

Price range up to about 25000rp (with tossed salad/ potato salad on request)

Bintang available


Warung Bali [at Kuta Night market]

Great seafood and chinese food. Try the mushroom soup...delicious..price per meal 6000 to 15.000 rupiah.


Warung Bho Bho Thai [ Jl.Dewi Sri 1 No.7, Kuta - Beside Palloma hotel]

They serves halal chinese and thai cuisines. Main menu is from 17,000 rp to 27.000 rp. Also many type of fried rice or Nasi Goreng.


Warung Kita [Gg Benesari. Kuta]

Only 4 tables. Indo food. Very friendly owner. Nice chicken soup. Cheap!


Warung Muslim [Jl. Opposite Bakung Sari Hotel entrance (green wall)]

10 satay sticks 5.000   Rice 2.000.


Warung Nikmat [off Jl. Bakung Sari. At the end of the laneway for Flora Beach Hotel]

Excellent, cheap, hot meals, fresh juices and soft drinks.


Warung Totemo [Jl Benesari (beach) 30A, Kuta]

Best chips food, Australian steak and one large Bintang beer $5US. Excellent service, friendly staff, good atmosphire. Fresh grilled whole fish Rp 20.000, seafood basket (Tuna, Prawn,squid, free garlic bread) big portion only for Rp 40.000.


Warung Warung [Jl. Sunset Road - at Mal Bali Galeria in the food court]

Excellent warung style food and more.


Warung Wulan [ (+ Linggar) Gg Benesari, Kuta]

Huge Burger 15.000 with chips


Warung Yogya [Jl. Padma Utara - Next to Garden View Cottage]

Clean, excellent Indo meals. Limited menu but delicious. Always full.  Kare Ayam -chicken curry 12.000 + 3.000 for rice.




Seminyak / Petitenget


Nirwana Snack [Jl Petitenget 8, Petitenget]

Excellent value little cafe serving  homestyle cuisine at a very affordable price. Big tasy burgers , fresh salad wraps and large souvlaki plus Asian curries and fresh rice/ noodles dishes from 20,000. Also an interesting  selection of gourmet munchies like duck rolls , prawn dimsum and pork dumplings. A really nice find for decent  food serves  and very cheap drinks in this area.



Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen [Jl. Sunset Road - diagonally opposite Sunset Point Shopping Centre at the lights]

Simple warung food options with the main focus being on a variety of suckling pig dishes. Rp 20,000 to Rp 40,000.


Warung Bambuku [Jl. Sunset Road - a few meters up from Sunset Point S/C heading north]

Very popular with locals and expats around lunch time. High quality, tasty Indonesian cooking.


Warung Bunana [Jl. Sunset Road, Seminyak - between Bambuku and Sunset Point S/C]

Roti and Teh Tarik. For a cheap and cheerful taste of Malay Indian cuisine.


Warung Good Deal [Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak]

Currently under renovations. Stay tuned.


Warung Kita [Jl. Drupadi, Seminyak]

Excellent new warung. Good Indonesian food for around $4. They also do catering.


Warung Kolega [J. Petitenget, Seminyak]

Another excellent warung with extensive Indonesian dishes. Cheap and very cheerful.


Warung Murah Oberoi [Jl. Kayu Aya aka Oberoi, Seminyak]

$4.50 for Gado Gado and bottled water. 2 x drinks and 2 x mains for around AUD$3.60.


Warung Murah Petitenget [Jl. Petitenget, Kerobokan - close to the corner of Jl. Petitenget and Jl. Raya Kerobokan]

Another excellent warung with extensive Indonesian dishes. Cheap and cheerful.


Warung Ocha [Jl. Raya Basangkasa, Seminyak]

Not as cheap as the other warungs however menu items are within the budget range.


Waroeng Sulawesi [Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak]

Waroeng or Warung Sulawesi is Sulawesi style Indonesian cooking. Fantastic range of warung style food. Popular lunch times. Cheap and cheerful dining. Under cover but open air dining.




Mila's Warung [Jl Batur Sari, No. 70 Sanur]

Cheap and cheerful Javanese food and vegetarian dishes.


Warung Kecil [Jl. Duyung no 1, Sanur]

Cheap indonesian food, sandwiches and breakfasts for under $5.


Warung Little Bird [Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur - Opposite Villa Ajanta]

Great food with meals around as little as AUD $3.




Warung Sibuni [ jl. Raya Uluwatu no. 81 ( 50 meters from Cafe Mokka ]

Breakfast ( Toast, Eggs, Pancake, Fruits ). Lunch n Dinner ( Pasta, Rice, Potato, Meet Free, Sweet, Beer, Juice, Tea, Coffee ). The place is clean, comfortable for dine and meeting because have sofa and FREE Wi Fi Internet.




Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku [Jl. Raya Kedweatan-Ubud]

This is a very nice warung serving spicy Balinese chicken with rice and vegetables to accompany. One of the few places in greater Ubud where locals eat and where the food is actually Balinese, rather than a varient of Javanese-Sumateran. Lunch for two with drink, under RP 55,000.


Made Warung [Penestanan, Ubud - opposite Tjampuhan Hotel on Jalan Campuhan, another 200 metres along the track]

Most meals less than 25,000 rp, a lot about 15,000 rp - great food to boot! A traditional smoked duck banquet is available per couple for around 175,000 rp. A regular eating spot when staying in Ubud.


Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka [just in front of puri Ubud]

Famous for its roast suckling pig. Available for lunch. Get in early. Very delicious and famous among local and tourist. 30.000 per meal include one glass of orange juice.




Warung Merta Sari [Off the road between Klungkung and Candidasa in the village of Pesingghan]

Asuperb, authentic Balinese fish restaurant. This warung is not a new discovery, having been reviewed by the New York Times in 2009. It dishes up, peanuts, green beans, spicy fish soup, two forms of fish sate, and two other dishes which came to, with iced orange juice to dring, RP 65,000 for two. A feast and well worth the detour.