Updated Weather information and reports can be found the Hong Kong Observatory Website, offering daily and weekly insight into the local weather.  This is the go-to source of information for those seeking updated weather forecasts prior to visiting Hong Kong and it is commonly recommended on the Tripadvisor Hong Kong forum.  


Hong Kong Weather throughout the year  

Generally speaking, Hong Kong's weather is mainly hot and humid.  For this reason, many feel the best time to visit is from November to April during the cool and dry season. Temperatures range from 20-23 degrees celsius, usually with lots of sunshine.  There is less rain and the humidity levels are lower, making it a more pleasant time of the year to visit. 

However, it is important to note that it can get quite chilly during the months of January and February when temperatures occasionally drop below 12 degrees.  Most years, there are a few days dropping to 8 degrees or below.  Note that even though it says 8 degrees, which sounds mild to Europeans, the biting Siberian monsoon wind makes it feel even colder than the 8 degrees people are used to in the West. 

Late February to the end of March, Hong Kong starts becoming warmer and humidity begins to rise as the rainy season draws near. Generally speaking, this is a good time to visit as the temperatures are usually cool, not cold and the chances for rain remain low. 

April to June are the wettest and most humid months.  Temperatures begin to rise during this time as do the pollution levels, which can reach alarming figures in areas like Central, Causeway Bay and Mongkok on bad days.  This problem remains throughout the Summer and Autumn months until the return of the dry and cool season around November.  However, there are still nice days during this Spring season.  

July to September is when typhoons are most likely to occur.  Temperatures during these months rise to as high as 34 degrees.  While this is a peak holiday season due to traditional Summer holidays, many feel this is a much less desirable time to visit Hong Kong, weather-wise. High temperatures, high humidity, frequent heavy rains and the chance for typhoons make it much more difficult to enjoy Hong Kong compared to the cooler and drier months. 

October is still warm but cooler than summer months.  Some rain can be expected but Hong Kong quickly finds itself in the next dry season where temperatures and humidty levels begin to drop as well.