Phrase in ArabicMeaning in English Notes/Usage 
 Asalam alaikumPeace be with you Used when you initiate a greeting, also used to say goodbye
 Walaikum salamAnd peace be with you Used with you reply to a greeting (someone says asalam alaikum to you) 
 Marhaba Hello  
 Ma-salamaGoodbye  Literal meaning: "with safety" 
 Naam Yes  
 AywahYes/yeah Used more commonly than "naam" 
 La No  
 Shukran Thank you  
 La, shukranNo, thank you  
 Izayak/Aml eh?How are you? (to a male) Use either one
 Izayik/Amla eh?How are you? (to a female) Use either one
 Hammam fayn?Where is the toilet?  
 Ayz hammam (m)I need a toilet Use if you are male
 Ayzah hammam (f)I need a toilet Use if you are female 
 Ana ismee _____My name is ______Used if you are male or female. You can also omit the "ana" and say "Ismee _____"
 Ana min _______I'm from _______  
 Ma-rafshee at-kalam ArabeeI don't speak Arabic  
 Bit-kalam inglayzi?Do you speak English?