If you are using a tour company that you find through the internet:

1. Check a lot of reviews about the company

2. Ask your contact person everything about the tour. Ask his office and Mobile phone number. Give your mobile number.

3. How much and is the price includes:
a. Hotel,car,train,plane and the guide, 
b. Entrance fees to all sites and Museums as stated on the itinerary
c. All service charges and taxes
d. Meet and assist upon arrival and departure
e. All transfers to/from airports, stations and hotels by a private air-conditioned vehicle

4. a. hotel (breakfast,lunch,dinner,check in/check out times)
b. train (What time departure/arrival,which station, car number, room for how many people, breakfast,lunch,dinner) and train ticket when you arrive
c. Cruise ship (What time departure/arrival,which port, room number, room for how many people, ask for front rooms (because of the electric generator noise of other anchored ships), breakfast, lunch, dinner) and the ship ticket when you arrive
d. Airplane details (Plane ticket when you arrive)

5. Two or three days before leaving your country e-mail and/or call your contact person and give your ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE dates and hours. Send e-mail again the day you leave.

6. Ask the Name and the Mobile Phone number of the person who is going to meet you at the airport. When you arrive if you do not find that person at the airport call the company/your contact person/manager tell the situation and proceed to the designated hotel and ask the taxi fee later.

7. The tours in Cairo and other places such as Aswan,Luxor etc. will not take a day long maximum 4 hours per day, so even if you have your own tour guide he will bring you back to your hotel or cruise ship. If you are not a history freak even the Cairo Museum will take 2.30 hours. So plan your day with the guide a day before.

8.Guides will try to take you shops (they will get cuts from the amount paid from the shop owners later) tell them what you are interested in and don't let them manage you.

9. Every body will ask for TIPS. 

Guides will tell you to tip the driver and other people. Tour companies like to change guides and drivers so, more tips they will ask. If you are with a group, the group leader will tell you how much you pay, otherwise if you arrange the tour yourself and you and your partner is the only ones here is what to do: