There are not too many tourist attractions in Kinshasa, because it is not a place where tourists frequently go, due in large part to the safety concerns associated with traveling there.  However, travelers who do make their way there will find that there are two museums where they can go to get a sense of the more beautiful history and culture of the area.

The first of these attractions is the museum at the Kinshasa University.  This is generally considered a safe location for travelers, in comparison with other locations in the city.  The museum is a place where artifacts relating to different periods of the history of the area are displayed so that visitors can get a sense of the events which have made Kinshasa what it is today.  More information about the museum of this university is available online at . The official website for the university itself is located at  

The other museum which Kinshasa visitors might wish to spend some time exploring is the Musee National De Kinshasa.   This national museum also highlights the history of the area.   However, it also focuses on exploring that history through the art work of the area which has been collected over time.   More information about this museum is available online at .