Vanuatu Cultural Center is the hub of the islands’ cultural, historical and art life. The Center houses the National Museum, the National Library, a Young People and Women’s Project, and a section devoted to Contemporary art and music. The Center hosts an updated list of all historical and archeological sites on the islands and the field research work being conducted by national and international teams of researchers.

The Museum is the highlight of all the Center’s projects. It hosts international lectures and conferences and keeps a detailed record of the research on Vanautu. Collaborations and joint projects with international universities, cultural centers and museums is a norm. As an example, let’s mention the workshop “Building for the Future: Designing new Museums for the Pacific” organized by the Pacific Islands Museums Association (PIMA) and hosted by the Museum.

Although many of Vanautu’s cultural artifacts are disseminated in museums around the world, the National Museum houses a selection of objects that are central to the material culture of the islands. It hosts temporary exhibitions that bring together traditional and modern ways.