The currency is Syrian Pounds, there are approx 45 Syrian Pounds to the United States $ dollar. asat 21 March 2008.

There are currently approx 67Syrian Pounds to £1 sterling as at 28 March 2009

Visa ATMs are available in small numbers major towns, but may not necessarily accept VISA cards. Banks will exchange dollars with a photo ID - Passport, driving license. You will not need a lot of money, a cheap hotel will cost about $10 a night, dinner in a restaurant from $3-$5...

Please note that NO  Travelers Cheques are accepted in Syria. You can convert Euro/United States$ to local currency and withdraw money from ATM's in the major cities, or in major international hotels such as the Sheraton.

As this is a "closed" currency you will probably not be able to obtain Syrian currency before you arrive in Syria and you will not be able to convert your Syrian currency before you leave Syria.  The booth collecting departure tax at the airport may exchange Syrian Pounds into dollarseg at Aleppo Airport. Although you can spend  your Syrian pounds at the departures lounge at Damascus Airport, the purchase of alcohol must be done in euros or dollars.