Here is a link to some cultural information arranged under a number of headings.

Culture & Heritage Info

Sri Lankans are preparing to celebrate the Sinhala & Tamil New year which falls on the 13th April. an auspicious time is observed to light the first fires, to eat, to make commercial transactions, to go to work etc. Every house would serve traditional sweetmeats and milk rice on this day. Keum, Kokiss, Athiraha, Aluwa, weli thalapa are some of the traditional sweet meats that would adorn the table.

a time termed "nonagatha" where no auspisious time is available is set aside to observe religeous activities by the entire family.

Its a fun time for all with various activities. the celebrations in its traditional form can be seen in the villages rather than in Colombo. the season is also the best as you would find all the flowers in bloom and fruits ripe on every tree.

"suba aluth avuruddhak " means wish you a happy new year.

Sri Lankan culture links mainly with Sinhala Language & Buddhisum. The language is one of the oldest if not the oldest. It is quite different from other neighboring languages.

Buddhisum is the main religion in the country. It came to Sri Lanka 2600 years ago. 

Sri Lanka has many traditional festivals. Sinhala and Tamil new year, Vesak and poson festival, Deepavali thaipongal festival, Ramasan festival, Christmas and etc..