Scuba Diving only 2 hours from Bangkok...

One area in Pattaya overlooked is below the sea! Only two hours from BKK you can find warm tropical scuba diving assessable all year round. For beginners there are ample dive shops to be found. They provide good introductions to an exciting sport that will hopefully inspire you long after your holiday.

For experienced divers with limited time in Thailand consider taking a bus from Ekamia station in Bangkok for under 3USD. Make sure you go inside the bus station and get an official bus ticket. Buses run about every 15 minutes. A gypsy bus is outside the bus station that takes a slow route and costs the same.You could splurge and take a cab for about 1200baht.

For diving go with  one of the bigger shops that will pick you up at your hotel.  If you are an advanced diver try to dive the Hardeep (a WWII wreck at about 28m) along with a reef dive. Visability averages about 5 -10m. It is certainly not as good as Phuket or Koh Tao during their seasons, but great if you can only visit Pattaya from Bangkok during a short trip to Thailand. If your itching to dive and have limited time in Bangkok this is a great choice. The picture below was taken on the bottom of the Hardeep. An advanced dive for sure as current can be an issue.

 Blue Spotted Ray under Hardeep

There are endless Scuba Diving operators in the Pattaya region, these are just a few listed alphabetically;


...or simply google "pattaya scuba diving".