These are the basic rules and procedures:

* How do you claim a VAT refund and who is eligible?

- A VAT refund will only apply if the goods purchased are taken out of Thailand within 60 days of purchase.

- You must be exiting Thailand via an international airport and not a land border.

- You must not be a Thai national or carry a Thai passport.

- You must not be using a diplomatic passport or be departing Thailand as an 'on-duty' airline crew member.

- The goods must be purchased from participating shops that display a "VAT Refund For Tourists" sign.

- You may not claim VAT refund for services or goods that you use or "consume" while in Thailand; such as hotel or restaurant expenses.

- On any one day, the goods purchased from any one individual participating shop must be at least 2,000 Baht including VAT.

- Your total VAT Refund eligible purchases must be at least 5,000 Baht, including VAT.

- When you purchase the goods, ask the sales assistant to complete a VAT refund form, known as the P.P.10, and attach the original tax/sales invoices to that form. Each P.P.10 must show a value of 2,000 Baht or more.

- You will need to know the method or refund you would prefer, and input that onto the P.P.10 form.

- You will need to show your passport to the sales assistant when you purchase the goods, to allow her to fill in the above mentioned form.

- When you exit the country, the goods must be inspected by customs officers prior to check in and your completed P.P. 10's stamped. Show the customs officers your P.P.10's and original tax/sales invoices. **If you fail to have your P.P. 10's stamped by Thai Customs before departure you will NOT be entitled to the VAT refund- no exceptions.**

 [Note: Your original PP10's and original tax/sales invoices will NOT be returned to so. If you need such documents for warranty or other reasons, be sure you make a photocopy.]

* How will the refund be paid?

- If the refund does not exceed 10,000 Baht then you can have the refund made by cash (Thai Baht), draft, or a credit to your credit card.

- If the refund total does exceed 10,000 Baht then, refunds will be made by either draft or a credit to your credit card.

* Are there any fees?

- If you request a cash refund a fee of 100 Baht will apply.

- For a draft refund a 100 Baht fee plus, the draft issuing fee at the rate charged by banks and postage fees.

- For credit card refunds, a 100 Baht fee plus money transfer fee at the rates charged by banks.

* Where do I get the refund or how should I go about it? 

- At the airport, before checking in the baggage in the airline counter (if the items you are claiming for refund, is in your check in baggage), you need to present the PP10 forms, which you have obtained from the shops along with the original invoices to the customs authorities. They will sign and stamp your PP10 forms and return them to you. If inspection is required, they will inform you at that time. Check on the following link to know the locations where the Customs VAT inspetion office is located 

- After this you may check in your baggage and proceed to passport control (immigration formalities). Once you are in the duty free area, you would notice some direction markings of "VAT Refund". You need to go to those counters and present this attested PP10 forms. On verification of the same, the official would pay the money to you after deducting thier fees.

- In case of transfer by DD or credit card, you may even drop this attested PP10 forms in the drop boxes available there. Check the following link to know the locations of the VAT Refundd counters, 


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