Rajasthan, the land of dunes is famous for its’ beautiful places. These places crown Rajasthan as the most wonderful places in the world. This place is like the collection of multicolored robes. There are so many palaces and forts in Rajasthan. You can feel the history of Rajasthan when visiting the palaces and forts. Get the information about the beautiful places here –

Pushkar – Lakhs of people visit this place to see the camel fair. This is the main attraction of this place. People of Pushkar celebrate camel fair every year and people across the globe visits Pushkar to enjoy the camel fair. This is the best time to visit Pushkar and spend the night with the camels and the deserts. You will also enjoy the folk dance, stunt shows and other adventurous activities there.

Sariska Tiger Reserve – It you love to see the animals’ activities, visit this place to enjoy the wildlife. This sanctuary is also near to one of the most haunted cities, Bhangarh. Sariska Tiger reserve is too good and no matters that you spot the tigers or not. You will get happy by visiting this place and looking the other animal’s activities.http://www.aspenadventures.in/river-r...

Sam Sand Dunes - It is a national park, that established in the most famous desert “Thar”. Tourists enjoy the camel safari at this place. If you want to take the panoramic view of this place, must see the sunrise and sunset. There is also the facility of camping. Some organizers offer the camping facility. You can do camping and enjoy a night at this place.
Ranthambore National Park – India is one of the best places to see the predator Tigers. Ranthambore National Park is the place where you can spot these Tigers and enjoy their wild activities. Since  1972,  this national park has been a tiger reserve. This national park is a jungle and so the wild animals find it the best place to live. They get natural environment as well as safety in this park.

To make your trip best, visit these places. But never get careless for the accommodation. Might possible, you face problem in finding the best hotels or resort at the peak time. To get rid of this problem, you can book the hotels online. Good accommodation facilities are available near all these famous places. Ranthambore National park is the one of the most visited places in Rajasthan, so book the Ranthambore hotels before reaching there. Select the best hotel in Ranthambore and make your trip excellent.