Ajmer is 138 kilometers (86 miles) south-west of Jaipur. The shrine of the sufi saint  Khwaja Muin-Uddin Chisti is situated here, it is also the place where the Moghul Emperor Akbar visited and was blessed with a son . Tiny streets lined with kiosks selling lace caps , flowers and sacred text to holy complex where emperors from Humayun to Aurenzeb added tthe buildings.

 Rich pilgrims pay for sweet rice to be cooked up in vast iron cauldrons for poor, qawwalis are sung in hall and pilgrims flock daily to worship under the colourful awning around the tomb. See also Adhi-Din-ka-Jhopra( hut if two and half days) , a mosque which incorporates fabulous carving from Hindu temples and a sanskrit college. Akbar's palace and the hilltop Taragarh forts for views. The man made Ana Sagar Lake has pretty pavilions ,gates , and temple along the west side. Nearby Puskar , where the annual camel fair is held . For a countryside overnight stop on the way back to Jaipur , stay at Roopangarh Fort , 20 kilometers west of Kisangarh.