Tafi Atome Cultural Village is home to the famous Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary and Nature Reserve. Eco-tourism, sustainability and cultural enrichment is very much the focus in the Cultural Village. Here one can learn all about colourful kente cloth weaving, dance, singing, music and folklore. There is also a small visitor centre.

At the nearby Tafi Abuife Kente Weaving Village visitors can watch authentic kente cloth being hand-woven with colourful designs that are much copied over the world.

It's now possible to arrange extended Study Tour stays at the Tafi Cultural Institute for those wishing to study Ghanaian drumming, music (Borborbor/Agbadza/Adewu/Akpi), voice and dance. These stays are helping to fund a non-profit community project to build a village recording studio, an initiative being championed by a community recording studio in Glasgow.

Other attractions in the region include the spectacular Wli Waterfalls and there are some excellent hiking trails in the mountains. A local mobile phone sim is recommended for anyone visiting. Cell phone signal coverage is good and inexpensive and its possible to get a data service in many areas.

If you are touring the region it can be a challenge to contact and arrange tour guides before you arrive as few have a presence on the internet. Currently recommended on the Accra Tripadvisor forum is a tour guide that does have a website and email address. His company is called Travel Volta. It is run by a guide who offers tours and will also tailor make tours to your specification. If you are looking for a personal tour guide recommendation then the Ghana Tripadvisor forums for are a good place to ask for current advice from fellow travelers.