The entry documents into Ethiopia are as followed, A passport & visa are required for entry .The visa requirement exemptions apply to just the citizens of Eritrea,Djibouti & Kenya.The visas on arrival are only available at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.You will be required to fill out a short form then have $20.00 USD handy on you as it is the only currency that is excepted for on Arrival Visa.

                      Worst comes to worst if you don't have USD ask the staff in the office which is next to transit lounge for international departures that you need to go to the ATM past Immigration then exchange the local Birrs for USD.

                     They will escort you to an immigration officer then hold your passport while you do the exchange.No photos are required for Visa on Arrival at Bole International Airport they are single entry valid for 30 days.Visas are NOT available at border crossings they will then have to be obtained from an Ethiopian Consulate or Embassy before arrival.Costs & requirements will varies according to location of embassy or consulate along with present nationality.NOTE:The border crossings into Eritrea are currently closed.