Many folks want to take pictures of the Local Berbers as they travel in Morocco. What is the situation?

Here is a local perspective:

Do not offer money and ask for a photo- you offend  people. They are very proud folks.

Do not take a picture without permission as you will make someone angry and there is a strong "Berber telephone "system- word of mouth. Many photos have been taken and published in magazines and people are now more cautious about having their pics taken.

Slow down- offer clothes, have lunch at their houses, spend the night with them, be nice and polite.  When you "feel" it is OK, ask if you can take a photo.

Offer to send photos to them. 

Give small gifts to the children. Small cars, ballons, bubble stuff, pencils and paper. But give them never ever some candy, chewing gum and similar.

Use a long distance lens if possible.