Tip is sometimes added to your restaurant bill automatically, but only at better restaurants.  Look for the word ¨servicio ¨ at the bottom of the bill.  Many restaurants will put on the check that the servicio is optional, so you can opt out of the tip if you choose.

  Most waitresses, cooks, hotel staff, etc, make very low wages, the minimum monthly salary in Honduras is Lps 5,500 ... apprx $290 for a months worth of 6 day weeks.  Most employees do not earn the minimum wage.  As well most employees in hotels and restaurants tend to be women, most single mothers with small kids to support and no husband in sight, thus tips for wait staff and hotel staff are greatly appreciated and your tips will go directly into buying food, clothing, school supplies, medical care for the employee and their family.  A good tip is apprx 10 - 15% of you hotel bill or restaurant bill. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and tipping is one way to spread the wealth a bit more evenly and make your tourist dollars count in a more direct way.  The vast majority of wait staff and hotel employees do a wonderful job tending to their guests, treating them with sometimes - over the top respect and with a sense of service that is seldom seen these days in the USA and Europe - it is only right that tourists treat these employees with the respect they deserve and tipping generously is one way to say  Muchas Gracias!  for a job well done.