Hints and advice for folks travelling, especially with children. 

Stay as close to the Park as you can - it's good to be able to come out for a break without losing too much of the day. For most folks the three Disney owned hotels are expensive (about 3 times the cost of off-site hotels and motels) and simply not worth all that money. The off-site hotels on Harbor Blvd from the Howard Johnson's to the Candy Cane Inn are what most folks call walking distance.

There is a bus service called Anaheim Resort Transit that is relatively inexpensive and will take you from your hotel to the park and back with ease.  Bus tickets can be purchased in advance and delivered to most area hotels.   Some routes are much longer than others be sure to check with them before buying tickets occasionally it is easier to walk.  

Get your park tickets in advance - most hotels sell them at reception and this will save you a lot of queueing time before you get inside the park.  The best deal on multi-day ParkHoppers is buying them in advance before you arrive, Disneyland.com sells them and there are no additional fees if you opt for the Print at Home option (e-ticket).  You take the printed bar code directly to the entrance turnstiles for entry to the parks.

If you have a child/ren under about 5 - TAKE A STROLLER/BUGGY. Small children just can't last the pace and the amount of walking involved. Disneyland rent strollers by the day ($15) from a desk at the right hand side of the main entrance. They're good because they are large and sturdy even for older kids, easy to push, and in the unlikely event of a problem you just return it to the desk and get another one. They also have storage baskets underneath the seat which are very useful. But if you bring your own, or buy one when you arrive in Anaheim, you can save money and also have the use of the stroller going to and from the parks, and for the rest of your trip.

If you have teenagers, this is a pretty safe place to let them go on their own.  Regrouping later for meals is pretty easy if you plan to eat at off peak times.  It is also a good idea to buy a Disney gift card in advance of the trip and give them to your teens so they have spending money when they are on their own.  There are two parks, you may want to discuss with them whether or not "Park Hopping" is allowed.

Try to get into the park as early in the day as you can. Get to the "must see" rides and do them first before the lines get too long.  Ask a Cast Member to explain the Fastpass process and use those to reserve rides later in the day.   Also pay attention to rides that have single rider lines.  If your group is small 1 - 3 people those lines are a quick way to get on the major rides without waiting in long lines. 

It is important to plan your trip according to the expected crowds.  If you want to find the park relatively empty DO NOT plan your trip for anytime near Christmas or New Year's Eve.  The park frequently fills to capacity at that time of year. 

You are on Vacation, so do not rush things, taking a break in the middle of the day is a good plan for most folks.  Disneyland is at its busiest at this time, and going back to your hotel and grabbing a bite to eat, taking a nap, or enjoying the pool is a nice change from the crowds.  Take your time, and enjoy your trip.  It is NOT a race.