It's a unique canyon that starts, at the top, as wide and forested, interspersed with some open meadows. In this portion there are some great camp sites.  As the creek tumbles down the walls narrow, and for a stretch the pebble road is literally boxed in by the canyon itself.  This is a great place to stop and explore a little. In the summer it's also a perfect place to cool down (lots of shade because of the extreme narrowness of the canyon.)  From here the walls back off a bit, but its very scenic all the way to where the canyon abruptly ends and the prarie begins.  If you keep driving you'll have a great view of spectacular rocky outcroppings behind you. Muddy guard Reservoir is a short drive further and offers trophy sized trout.

 Pros:  Not your typical canyon, this is a special place because of its almost claustrophobically close canyon walls. Wildflowers can be profuse. There are great photography opportunities from beginning to end. It's a perfect half-day get away.  

Cons:  Though its not consistently busy, there are summer days when it can be. Camping spots are at a premium in the heat of summer.  

Best time to visit:  Probably early to mid-summer, a time when the wildflowers are best.  

Things to keep in mind: Despite what some sites may tell you a 4-wheel drive is not needed, but the road gets fairly narrow and this can be a problem if you want to turn around or let other cars pass. You may want to hesitate to travel on this road after or during heavy rain, as any kind of washout or slick conditions could make travel hazardous.  As for fishing, there are trout in the creek, but it is a small creek and space is limited if you are fly-fishing. There are many other creeks with more and bigger fish along Highway 16.  

Directions: Highway 16 to Forest Development Road 470 to Crazy Woman Campground. Moderate trail at dead end, or FDR 33 to Canyon Campground.