The climate throughout Wisconsin is fairly consistent, aside from the northern areas bordering both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. The summers around the state are generally warm and comfortable, while the winters are cold and snowy.  Visit the Climate of Wisconsin page for detailed information about this topic. 

            Madison (the state’s capital) and the Southwest region of the state in general have wonderful summer weather.  The few issues that may repel visitors during the summer months are humidity, mosquitoes, and the occasional 100 degree day.  Spring and fall are perhaps the most comfortable times of the year to visit.  With warm daytime temps with cool nighttime temps, it is almost perfect.  The winter months can be extremely harsh, with temperatures dropping to the freezing range very frequently.  Visit the Trip Advisor Madison Page for more information on this particular location. 

            The Northeast region of the state, which houses the city of Green Bay, is again hot in the summers and freezing in the winters.  This area (especially Green Bay) experiences what it called the Lake Effect.  During the summer months the heat is coupled with humidity, and during the winter months the freezing temperatures combine with prolonged snowstorms.  Visit the Trip Advisor Green Bay Page for more information about this particular location.

            For detailed weather information about any of the state’s major cities or towns, visit the Weather Channel website.