The Deep South can be quite warm… but it isn’t always the heat, it can be the humidity too. Mississippi’s closeness to the Gulf of Mexico makes it generally warm year round, while the Mississippi River merely adds to the moisture in the air.

Winters in the state can be short, and temperatures seldom reach freezing. Snow is almost unheard of, especially in the southern end of the state. Because of the high humidity there is never a true dry season, but from November until spring it can actually rain a bit less than other times of the year.

Spring arrives early and the area is typically very mild, with plenty of days in the 70s and 80s from March onward. Summers can be warm but not as hot as other southern states. Daytime temperatures can reach into the 90s while at night it cools down to the low 70s or high 60s. The humidity does make it feel warmer!!! and stickier too!

From June to November is the hurricane season, and this mostly affects the coastal regions! Throughout the summer months the area can experience brief but severe thunderstorms! However, all through the year Mississippi gets a pleasant amount of sunshine as well!