The climate throughout the entire state of Louisiana is fairy consistent, and is classified as semi tropical.  However, there are distinct weather patterns which can be seen across the state.  Areas closer to the Gulf of Mexico will have higher rainfall amounts and humidity levels, as well as smaller variations between high and low temperatures than areas farther from the Gulf.  Visit the Climate Synopsis for Louisiana page for detailed information on this topic. 

            To give a better idea about weather across Louisiana, we will look at two cities at opposite sides of the state, New Orleans and Shreveport. 

            The weather in the southern portion of the state around New Orleans is extremely hot and humid during the summer months.  Because of this, many tourists choose to bypass visiting during this time of year.  Spring is the most comfortable time of year, with warm temperatures during the daytime and cool temperature during the nighttime.  Winters rarely get too cold.  Expect low temperatures during the nights to be in the 40’s.  October and November can also provide comfortably cool and dry conditions.  Visit the Trip Advisor New Orleans Page for more information about this specific location.  

            The weather in the northern portion of the state around Shreveport is less humid than the south, but still noticeably moist year-round. The time of year where the north is different from the south is winter.  During the winter months in Shreveport, the temperatures will drop to the 30’s, with extremely cold nights sinking into the freezing range.  Visit the Trip Advisor Shreveport Page for more information about this specific location.

            For detailed weather information about most major cities and towns in the state, visit the Weather Channel website.