Ruin Pubs

As the saying goes, "one man's trash is a another man's treasure." The ruin pubs of Budapest have taken trash and made it into a local treasure. A “ruin pub” is a pub using old buildings, or ruins, and serving their beer and other drinks in this unique and exciting environment. In Budapest you can find quite a lot of ruin pubs, and below you can find a list presenting some of these so called “ruin pubs.” Recommended that everyone interested visit at least one such establishment during their stay in Budapest.


Dürer kert

Ellátó kert



Köleves kert



Szimpla kert  

For information on ruin pubs click here. 

Sparties, Szecska Sparty

Szecska (pronounced: setsch-kah), is a unique part of the image of the country. During the summer on select nights, the Széchenyi Bath serves as a party venue. Besides Electronic music, you can hear Dance and Poptunes as well at Szecska. Dress code: swimming suit is obligatory.

Brief history of the place: Széchenyi Bath was built in 1913 based on the blueprints of Czigler Győző. As a result of its magnificent environment and healing waters it has become a favorite leisure attraction for locals and tourists alike. Until 2011 the Bath could only be visited in the daytime but the bathing culture of the 21st century has changed and nocturnal bathing activities are becoming more popular.

For more information visit the Szecska website.