A great location for people who like flowers and plants. Located very close to the Prague Zoo, it should not be missed especially during summer. In case you visit the zoo first then make sure you conserve your energies to walk through the colourful garden. After you exit from the zoo, walk towards the garden, which will take you through the stairs leading up to the neighbouring hill. You will get the feel of the botanical gardens as you climb up the stairs. 

 Inside the garden, there is a wide variety of flowers and hundreds of them. Take a stroll through the garden watching or studying or simply enjoying each and every variety of flower,  if not every flower. You can enter the Japanese garden, even though there is nothing much to see, there are few varieties of bonsai. From there, you can walk towards the vineyard, where you can find a wide variety of grapes in different colours. There's a Church between the garden and the vineyard and on top of the hill, making it a beautiful sight. From there you can have a panoramic view of Troja Chateau and a part of the Prague city at a distance.

 Near the exit, you can find a shop selling the seeds of various flowers and plants. If you are planning to take them outside Czech Republic, make sure that the local law permits it.