You have only a few hours to spend in Prague? Fortunately the city center is small and compact, so get under way immediately!

1 – Walk Charles Bridge

Your friends will all ask you if you did – and they will be right!

The bridge gets very busy though, so get there early in the morning, or late at night, or when it’s raining. The worse the weather, the more magical the bridge is.

2 – Check out the view of “the city of 100 spires”, either from the castle district or from Petrin hill.

3 –Don’t do any of this by yourself. As much as possible, meet residents of Prague – relaxed, fun, beautiful and open-minded people who will surprise you.

To do that, you can

-          hang out at busy bars and pubs. In neighborhoods further away from the historical center in particular, people are generally friendly and welcoming to foreign visitors.

-         Find one of the many walking tours conducted in English and led specifically by locals. Besides meeting and talking with them, you’ll discover Prague’s landmarks and a few secret places along the way.

-          Sit at some of the parks popular with locals when the weather is nice enough – Kampa park off the Charles Bridge, or Letenské Sady on the Northern bank of the river.

4 – if you have a bit more time

- ride a boat on the river

- check out Vyšehrad for its castle, cemetery, outdoor theatre and view over the city

- ride a tram in any direction. You’ll see “the other Prague”.