Telephone Number Format

Country Code: 420.

International Dialing Prefix: 00 or +.

Telephone Numbers (excluding the country code) are nine digits. All digits (excluding the country code) must be dialed for local and long distance calling (when calling from a non-Czech number, you have to include the country code).

Examples: Dialing To Czech Republic

When calling from the US: 011 420 111 222 333

When calling from the UK: 00420 111 222 333


Examples: Dialing From Czech Republic

When calling the U.S. from the Czech Republic: 001+U.S. Area Code+U.S. Number.

When calling the U.K. from the Czech Republic: 0044+City Code without leading 0+local number


Mobile Networks Operating in the Czech Republic:

  • O2 (Telefonica)
  • T-Mobile (Deutsche Telecom)
  • Vodafone