Rotorua’s weather is consistent and temperate, and, best of all, its seasons are inverted from countries north of the equator and so New Zealand in general makes for great winter getaways.  

The summer months of January, February and March are pleasant in Rotorua with temperatures rarely breaking the eighties or sinking into the fifties.  Its winters (which occur during the summers in the U.S.) are not harsh, with average temps over fifty degrees.   It does rain a fair bit though so pack a jacket to protect against the showers.

Given its position, Rotorua is not subject to abrupt changes in weather which can occur more frequently in coastal locations.  Its elevation (or lack of it) means that snow is only seen rarely on nearby mountains and not down in the city itself.  All in all, no extremes in weather are to be anticipated.  Rotorua is thus a wonderful place to visit, if just for the weather.

The main attractions of Rotorua are cultural and geothermal.  Rotorua has plenty of attractions highlighting Maori culture, including arts and crafts, cultural evenings and feasts (Hangi).  On the geothermal front, Rotorua is at the centre of a geothgermal region with plenty of examples of geysers, boiling mud pools and steam vents to be found.  These attractions are within easy reach of the city centre and are well worth checking out.  Even the minor steam vents of the cities public parks are easily accessible and interesting.  Don't get too close to the edge of the pools though, naturally enough they are hot and potentially dangerous.  As these activities are outdoors, carry a jacket just in case the heavens should open and you get caught out.

The months of July and August are full of municipal events, musical and artistic, and, as of this year, the area just added a “Magna Short Film Festival.”  How successful this inaugural event will be has yet to be seen, but should you be heading to Rotorua this November, you may wish to check it out.  Categories will include drama, comedy, adventure, sport, animation, and documentary, among others.

For a most comprehensive calendar of everything Rotorua, check here.

Here is the link to: MetService NZ : Rotorua 10 Day Weather Forecast