The Emergency number for New Zealand is 111.

This will get you to an operator who will ask FIRE, POLICE, or AMBULANCE. State what you need, and then once asked, explain the nature of the emergency.


Rotorua has a number of medical facilities, from traditional  to complimentary. However emergencies will be seen by one of the following

Lakes Prime Care is at the jinction of Arawa and Tutanelei Streets in the CBD. This medical centre is a private facility and sees both medical (e.g. sickness) and trauma cases. It is open from about 8am till 10pm. A pharmacy and radiology is also on site.

Major emergencies are seen at Rotorua Hospital (07 348 1199) - this public hospital is the only place where you can be seen 24 hours per day - go direct to the emerrgenct department. It is situated on Pukeroa Hill near the CBD.

About ACC

One thing unique to NZ is ACC - the Accident Claims Commission - they fund all accidental injuries, so treatment is always free. You may have to retain an ACC form as proof of injury for you insurer.


The local police wear a blue uniform. The main station is on Fenton Street and there are several smaller offices around the city.


Are also reached on 111; remember them too, especially if you see a forest fire or get into trouble boating on the lake - they are there to help too!