Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is a remote place and it's not easy to get there by public transport.

Tassielink Bus Company has a service on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to Cradle Mountain from Launceston, via Deloraine, Devonport, Sheffield and Gowrie Park:

It also has an irregular and lengthy service from Hobart via Queenstown (involving an overnight stay at Queenstown) twice per week.  Travel via Launceston is quicker.

McDermotts Bus Company travels there from Launceston on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

UnderDownUnder conducts bus tours to Cradle and return on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during the summer season, and on Tuesday and Saturday during winter.


Overland Track.

The Overland Track from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair must usually be walked from north to south.  More information here.

Several companies conduct drop-and-pick-up services. at Cradle and at lake St Clair on the southern end:

Tasmanian Wilderness Experience

Cradle Mountain Coaches

Outdoor Tasmania

Tassielink conducts pick up at Lake St Clair on its regular service from Queenstown to Hobart.

Other options

There is more comprehensive information on getting to and from Tasmania's National Parks here.