Once was the bohemian center of Sydney, Kings Cross is now a wild mixture of prostitution, drug dealing, police corruption, trendy restaurants and nightclubs. Its the red-light district of Australia and remains today as the suburb that never sleeps. With all its sleaziness it still holds many fine restaurants and excellent nightclubs for all ages. It holds inspiration to all artists and performers, its Sydney's character all mixed into a wonderful cocktail.

Situated 1.5km east of the city, it is easily reached by public transport, buses and trains run regularly from the city and Circular Quay. Although its a crime related area mostly it is safe to visit at night. Its just a matter of shifting through the sleaze and ignoring the ruffians and homeless people to discover the bright lights and entertainment on offer.

It is now home to the new dance club scene with over forty small sophisticated bars offering seductive cocktails and upbeat music. Basic rules apply to this suburb as in any red-light district of the world. Dont walk down lonely dark alleys or lanes alone, ignore those whom pester and persist, watch your drink at all times as spiking can occur in this area.

The "Cross" which is locally known refers to the major intersection formed by William Street and Darlinghurst Street which also displays Sydney's famous icon the flashing Coke- a Cola neon sign. You will also find a large supply of backpacker hostels and budget accommodation mostly in this area. It attracts a fascinating diversity of people from budget travelers, colourful characters, tourists, bohemians, businessmen, artists, writers, sailors, and trendy locals. Kings Cross is a fun place if you ignore the sleazy underworld and really is a must do to see, even if its for a quick nightcap at one of Sydney's best nightclubs.

Trains: www.cityrail.info or call 131500 Buses: www.sydneybuses.info

Nightclubs: http://www.kingscrossonline.com.au/

le panic - 20 Bayswater Road The Bourbon - 24 Darlinghurst Road Peppermint lounge - 281 Victoria Road
Soho Bar - 171 Victoria Street Iguana Bar - 15 Kellet Street Jimmy Links - 188 Victoria Road
Moulin Rouge Downunder - 39 Darlinghurst Road Lotus - 22 Challis Ave Hugo's Lounge - 33 Bayswater Road
Baron's Bar - 5 Roslyn Street Tonic - 62-64 Kellet Street