Sydney has several official and unofficial nude beaches which are shared and enjoyed by all ages, genders and persuasions.

At Watson's Bay you'll find Lady Bay/ Lady Jane Beach. Catch the ferry from No. 4  wharf at Circular Quay to Watsons Bay. A 15 minute scenic ferry ride accross the harbour past the Opera House and the exclusive suburbs of Sydney. Arrive at Watsons Bay wharf and enjoy a lunch in the outside eating area of the Watsons Bay hotel, or the upmarket Doyles restaurant next door.

Turn left and walk towards the heads (entrance to Sydney harbour). The first beach you come accross is Camp Cove, popular with families and scuba divers. Climb a few steps and proceed north exploring the gun emplacements erected during the war.. Arrive at the top of the second beach named Lady Bay or sometimes Lady Jane Beach. At high tide, there is only a very thin strip of sand, so it can get crowded. For those not game continue along the top of the beach and take in the sights of the nudists and Sydney harbour from the viewing platform. Follow the track and locate more gun emplacements and the entrance to the underground fort. Unfortunately this is not accessable to the public.

At La Perouse you'll find the more sedate and secluded Little Congwong Beach near the mouth of Botany Bay. The beach is backed by a high  green hill, protecting it from strong summer North Easterly winds and making it seem millions of miles away from the city. Naturalists have been visiting Little Congwong for many years, though it's never been officially declared a nude beach. Recently the local council errected signs prohibiting nudity. The signs have been sumarily vandalised and beach goers remain peacefully but defiantly unclad. The beach attracts a mix of men, women, gay & straight, young and old, some nude, some clad. Catch the L94 bus fom the city to the last stop at La Perouse. From the bus stop, cross the road and follow the path on to "big" Congwong Beach (litter strewn and full of loud, obnoxious people from far-flung suburbs). Cross this beach to the far end and either follow the path at the back of the beach, or scramble over the rocks near the waterline for about 300 metres to get to Little Congwong. The contrast between the two beaches couldn't be bigger!!!  One of the biggest joys of a day at Little Congwong is the visiting Ice Cream Boat. In summer it usually comes once or twice a day on weekends. Recent council enforcement has led to the decline in nudists.

Obelisk Beach and Cobblers Beach are on the north side of the harbour, very close to each other, near Mosman. Cobblers and Obeliskis Beaches are not difficult to get to by public transport - Daily (7 days) hourly bus service Route 244 from Stand A Carrington St, Sydney City (Wynyard).  It is a 25 minute transit time. Alight at HMAS Penguin Naval Base. Five minute walk to either Cobblers Beach on the left around the cricket oval or Obelisk Beach to the right.

If driving be sure to park legally as the local council enforce parking regulations with zeal. Obelisk is enjoyed by the  gay community whilst Cobblers Beach attracts a wide range of people and families.

For those interested in social nudism in Sydney, the Coast and Valley Naturists Club has a family friendly nude swim and social evening the second Saturday of each month and they welcome visitors. Contact for all Sydney nudist beach and nudist club information.