Brunnen, is a small town located on lake Lucerne in Switzerland where the section "lake Uri" of lake Lucerne starts.

There are great walks and excursions to do in the surroundings. One of the greatest excursions is a boat cruise to Treib (on the other side of the lake). From there take the funicular to Seelisberg and walk along the Swiss Path to Flüelen at the end of lake Uri. From there you can come back by boat or by train.

When you visit, take a trip in the beautiful ship called "URI" /made at 1901) or one of the other steamers arround the big lake, and inside, take a litle cup of coffee and of course a cake called "strudel" or enjoy the views from the outside places of the boats.

Close to this beautiful town, you can reach two other nice towns using the same entrance from the Highway in your car or any kind of ground transportation - Schwyz and Ibach (here you will find the very popular knifes factory called Victorinox, owner of the brand Swiss army knife). Walk around in the center of Schwyz and visit some of the very old houses there.

People of this 3 towns are very gentle with the tourist visitors.