January: as in every other part of the North-Eastern Italy, it's plenty of cold fog and dark clouds, the best period if you want to remind the atmosphere of Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice" ... or if you want to go shopping, it's the period of strong sales.

February: maybe the Carnival period will send some colours to this grey winter month. We have a clichè, "if in the first days it's cold and rainy, winter will last for long", it's popular wise, and it worths!

March: as spring gets close, some strange weather comes: one day the sun is shining and you are thinking of leaving the coats, the next day it's pouring down and you put on scarf and handgloves.

April: spring, as autumn, is the best period for travellers, you will return to life walking in the parks and enjoying the warmer sun.. We don't have parks in the city centre, so you will be invited to have some trips in the outskirts, may be Venice, Verona, Treviso, everything is near and easy to reach, with good transport links (trains, busses, highways..) - Remember, on 25th, when all other italians are celebrating independence from the nazi, here is the saint Marco-day, and we are used to bring a red rose to our ladies

May: the warmer period invites you to go outside and feel the first sun. Remember the 1st day is a national holiday, and many shops may be closed. Fortunately on Friday evening many of them will be open until 23, especially ones around piazza ferretto. Bring T-shirts and jackets, you'll never know what kind of weather you find.

June: probably the hottest days of the year are concentrated in this month. If you're staying in a hotel, be careful if they have air conditioning, it becomes essential for life in this part of the world.

July: generally hot and sunny, with short thundering to refresh the air. But sultriness is stifling. Remeber to take some insecticidal because mosquitos are everywhere, especially during the night

August: as many italians, also "mestrini" go on holiday on the first fortnight of this month, so you'll probably become the few of an empty city, and some shops will close for 15 days. If you want to meet someone, you can enjoy the open market of etnical objects called "Fresco", in Marghera, near a department store.